The Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group (CPSG) consists of a group of volunteers dedicated to the common goal of assisting in the conservation of all Genera of Carnivorous Plants. There are only two official positions within the CPSG, that of ‘Chair’, currently held by Robert Cantley, and that of ‘Red List Focal Point’ currently held by Dr Charles Clarke. Their Bio’s appear below.

Our Patron is Sir David Attenborough who needs no introduction. Sir David takes a keen interest in the CPSG and conservation of carnivorous plants in general. CHAIR
Robert Cantley
Rob Cantley Robert Cantley was educated as a physicist and then later as an electronics engineer, with his final "real" job being a police officer in Hong Kong. Along the way he became interested in Nepenthes when living in Brunei, where he ran a small nursery business from 1984 -1990 whilst also pursuing his many other interests. In 1997 he resigned from the Royal Hong Kong Police to start ‘Borneo Exotics’ in Sri Lanka. Borneo Exotics was expected to be a small semi-retirement business but kept growing and now Robert and his partner Diana Williams find themselves running a venture employing over 80 people and exporting several hundred thousand artificially propagated Nepenthes plants per year. Robert has been involved with conservation work with carnivorous plants since his late teens and contributed data of many taxa of Nepenthes that helped form earlier versions of the Red List.

Dr. Charles M. Clarke
Dr. Charles M. Clark Bio will be provided shortly.

D. roraimae